Merry Christmas! 🎄❤️

Today Michele and I finish our 12 days of Christmas, it has been wonderful posting with her again and searching for and finding inspiration.

Thank you all for following along with us and whether you are celebrating the holidays with friends, family or even alone, remember to find the small moments, the joy and the new memories and tuck them away in your hearts to remember on days when you need a lift, we all have so much to be grateful for if we open our eyes to see… find those moments, embrace your faith and love with a big open heart… Merry Christmas ❤️

o, S


Wishing each of you a very Merry Christmas!!! Lots of love and joy to you and yours.

And for those who are hurting or struggling or missing someone dear, I wish you peace in your heart and send you much love.

And lastly I want to thank Shirina for this journey… I have loved all of it and every post and especially getting to chat with you every day!! You are a sweet gift to all who know you and you are a beautiful friend… I treasure our friendship. Big hugs and love to you. Merry Christmas dear friend!

xo, Michele

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