12 Days of Christmas [Day 6]

I love holiday stamps and that simple bit of art on the envelope~




xo, Shirina


Every year, I take a day off from work and we head over to Lake Street in Minneapolis to a store called “Ingebretsen’s”.  It’s a Scandinavian store that has been in the same spot since 1921.  It’s always filled shoulder-to-shoulder with the descendants of the Scandinavian immigrants who helped make Minnesota into the state that it is today.

They still hand out numbers over on the food side of the store… and no matter what time or day you go, the place is packed. Everyone buzzes about, deciding on what to get before their number is called.  They have lutefisk, meatballs, lefse, lots of specialty meats and sausage, candy and sweets, cheese, drinks and on and on………………..
Piles and piles of lefse!!!  They bring it in in huge boxes and it doesn’t last.  Yum! : )
I loved to just watch and listen… excited shoppers getting all their delicacies for Christmas day.

And after we finish our shopping, we go to our favorite coffee shop over in St. Paul and just relax and visit.  It’s always one of my favorite days in December.

xo, Michele

4 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas [Day 6]

  1. Wow!! You captured postal art so wonderfully Shirina! I love the simple feelings you captured of the season!
    What an amazing place Michelle! That place really is packed! Must be filled with such goodies!

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