The weather is starting to cool off in the mornings which makes me a happy girl… today I’m paying homage to summer and the color yellow….

wishing you lovely days filled with sunshine as the promise of Fall is around the corner…..



I can only remember a handful of years when I did not make it to the annual State Fair. It’s a tradition that I love and anxiously look forward to every summer. The crowds, the animals, the smells, the buzz, going to the stands that have been there since I was a little girl and missing those that are no longer there, like the Pearl Divers… my sister and I could stand and watch that forever… mesmerized as we would watch people carefully selecting their oyster from the fish tank, waiting with much anticipation to see what it would look like… would it be big, small, white, pink or the very rare black pearl? It wasn’t easy for my mom & dad to peel us away from that stand and I still remember the first year when the pearl people were no longer there… that was a sad year and I still miss that childhood favorite. We usually end our day by walking through the midway at night, when all the rides are lit up in dazzling lights and there is an air of magic and mystery. This year was no exception. 

Here are a few of my favorite shots from this year’s Great Minnesota Get-Together. 

❤️ michele 

newborn piglets, sheep with wool the color of winter hats and scarves, highland cattle, speckled chickens and a speckled cow with very unusual markings
my mom & dad… my favorite picture of the day. ❤️
the midway is full of magic after the sun goes down
ending our day with some locally crafted beer and music… another year of wonderful fair memories!



She had this way

of always finding

the good and

believing in everything 

despite all that 

she had seen. And

that is what I loved the most-

the pure magic

of her undying hope.

-Becca Lee



breathing dreams 



-f. scott fitzgerald

❤️ Shirina 


Summer time makes me want to slow down… to just keep things simple… from food, to gatherings, to warm balmy evenings and long naps on the weekends. Savoring the simple things… and practicing awareness. 

This morning I spent an hour or so sitting out on the patio, enjoying a cup of jasmine tea and soaking up the early morning sun. I saw another rainbow on the cement, today it was close to where I sat… a sweet surprise when I bent down to get my tea. I also saw this beautiful  plant reflection, a succulent that was rooted and grown from a cutting I got from my sister many, many years ago. 

my summer mantra… k e e p [it] simple

❤️ Michele