“The universe responds to our inner yearnings by mysteriously bringing people into our life to answer our questions and help quell our conflicts. Every time you follow your intuition, your personal vibration intensifies. This can be likened to turning up the volume on a stereo. The more your personal vibration is intensified, the more you will pull people into your life who carry messages for you. It is a universal law.”  ~ Denise Linn

“In life, you realize there is a role for everyone you meet. Some will test you, some will use you, some will love you, and some will teach you. But the ones who are truly important are the ones who bring out the best in you. They are the rare and amazing people who remind you why it’s worth it.” ~unknown 

I am so grateful for all the people who have come into my life, for however brief a moment. Each and every one of them has taught me something and played a part into making me who I am today. No man is an island and we couldn’t survive without each other.  I know this as clearly as I know that I need to breathe to survive. We are here for each other… to help one another when life is at its absolute hardest and to laugh and sing with joy when it’s at its best. xoxo, Michele


There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind. ~C.S. Lewis

xoxo, Shirina


Mothers Day is today and it makes me think of the meaning of a mom and all that they do to help us grow and become the people we become in life…They encourage us, they nurture us and care for us when we are ill, they make us believe we can be hero’s to those we love… all the while being hero’s to us in our lives,

they teach us kindness, respect, faith, endurance, strength and self love… sometimes we think a mom has to be perfect or that they cant make mistakes, but we all do,

we are only human after all, and we are all flawed in some aspect or still growing up as we raise our own children…. Life is not perfection but moments of learning, growing and

becoming the best that we can be in all that we do, life in itself is a discovery….

Life can be very hard at times, it can be very amazing and wonderful as well, we can be happy, sad, strong and independent but the one thing we can always be is open to life, to love, to learning and

remembering those who have been there for us on our good days as well as our bad days, the women in our lives who were our moms, our mother figures, our family members who loved us and taught us compassion and the friends

and women who stood beside us in life when we needed a hand up or a pat on the back… the women who have always put others before themselves, and made such a difference in our lives and so many others…

So, today I honor all the moms out there and also the women who have been there for me in every way possible, your strength and guidance, love, compassion and words of wisdom have helped shape me into the person I strive to be

and I thank you for being there for me in whatever capacity you’ve been there… and I’ve been so lucky in my life to know so many strong and beautiful women, thank you for loving me and in turn letting me share in your lives as well….

xo, shirina


my mom… my best friend. she has the most generous heart and has taught me so much about life and what really matters. she lives for her tribe and has shown us all what love is. she is the person I want in my corner when things go wrong… AND when I want to celebrate.  she does not judge… she loves unconditionally. I thank God every day for letting her be my mom.

xo, michele


I love how the days just keep getting longer and longer… more time for exploring… and discovering. This week’s find included a tiny newborn painted turtle… can you imagine how big the world must look to this little one?

happy discovering!!  xo, michele


One of my life struggles has always been my weight and trying to get back to a healthy body, full of strength, nutrition and just well being.

I have battled this my whole life and it’s been up and down, although my weight hasn’t defined me, I do find in my life I have let it hold me back in many aspects of my life and one has been not participating in life many times.

Feeling sometimes that it keeps me from feeling like I’m good enough, which I know by now is ridiculous… it doesn’t define me as a person, what defines me is my heart and who I am as an individual and how I treat people and love people.

So, I have my head on straight and now it is time to get my body where my head and my heart are… strong and healthy.

I’ve started making a lot of good choices in the nutrition I put in my body and walking everyday and doing some weight bearing exercises, although this will be a long process to get where I need to be physically, I know that I can finally achieve it because I am worth it, I deserve to treat myself and my body with the best possible love and care that I can… I am on a journey to health and it feels pretty darn good.

xo, shirina

“Believe in Yourself

and all that you are.

Know that there is something inside you 

that is greater then any 


~Christian D Larsen